WHEN? When will I get what I ordered?

As soon as possible. Sometimes within minutes. But definitely within 5 work days. Five work days?! you gasp. (Well, that's for PRINTS. it used to be 2 to 3.) I have my own little magic workshop, with animation projects, a writing project and paints and paintings placed strategically. All that strategic placement, however, doesn't have extra room for stockpiling. 

CAN I exchange? Can I return? Can I?

I want this to be a happy experience. That's the whole point of making art (to me).  Okay. Not entirely true. The REAL point of art is to interest. Provoke. Enchant. Stir. Excite. Inspire. Those are the things that make me happy.

So. You are welcome to return your purchase, especially if it's been damaged on its way to you. If you spilled coffee all over it or something like that, then that doesn't really count. However, please return it within 7 days (or 2 weeks, if you happen to be traveling in, say, Turkey. Or retracing the Silk Road route).  

You'll have to cover the cost of postage, though. 

If it's been damaged en route, we'll do that thing everyone's doing: you'll send me a picture of it and I'll gasp and then I'll send a new one out. 

I'm afraid a commission is not returnable.

DO YOU accept orders outside the US?

I do! I just prefer to trade emails.

Because I package my work in a hard mailer to prevent damage, postage to places abroad costs a wee bit more.  (My wonderful local post office and I tested every kind of envelope we could think of; the padded envelopes cost - well, a wee bit less - but that price comes with less protection). 

I HAVE  other questions that you haven't even started to answer. 

Please contact me then.